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External Sports Clubs and Academies in Dubai – run at KCD’s Premises

There are a number of external independently run Dubai Sports Clubs and Academies that operate out of Kent College Dubai’s World Class Premises. Some of these clubs and academies offer camps over the school holidays. If you’re looking for a sports club in Dubai, please enquire directly with each club about their holiday camps, academies, lessons, fees and available slots. 

Instrumental Music Lessons during school hours at KCD


Theatre School: Peforming Arts Academy at KCD

Tennis Academy and Scholarships in Dubai

Top Tennis Schools Scholarships in Dubai

Brazilian Jujitsu Classes in Dubai

Karate Club and Camp in Dubai

Badminton Clubs in Dubai

badminton clubs near me dubai

Football Club in Dubai

top football clubs dubai


Cricket Camps and Academies / Clubs in Dubai

cricket academy dubai

Cricket Academy in Dubai

cricket clubs dubai


Multi-sports Camp and Swimming Academy in Dubai

multi sports summer camps dubai

Padel Tennis Courts near me in Dubai

padel tennis courts bookings dubai

Best British IB School in Dubai

Kent College Dubai is a top British Curriculum and IB school in Dubai, offering the British Curriculum (GCSE, iGSE, A Levels), IB and BTEC curricula. Our graduation pathways are therefore as unique as each individual attending our school. We believe in a whole-child education, and as such offer a wide array of extracurricular activities to help them thrive and grow. Additionally, a number of sports and non-sports clubs and academies choose Kent College Dubai to run their offerings, using our world class facilities. Please check back here regularly for updates to this page.


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