Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development

Outstanding British Curriculum schools expect Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to be part and parcel of the teaching profession. It is widely accepted as an integral part of teacher education so how do we do it ?

At Kent College Dubai we understand that it’s not just the students who need to learn and develop, we as teachers need to be keeping up to date with the latest technologies and techniques to improve teaching and learning in our classrooms. I have been leading a teaching and learning programme whereby teachers were presented with new techniques to use in the classroom. The techniques presented to the teachers fell into different categories such as; assessment, setting high expectations, engagement and questioning, amongst others. Once teachers gained an understanding of these techniques, they were asked to select one from each category and try it out in lessons. Each half term, teachers will be selecting new techniques and will be given time to consider their effectiveness in the classroom. Alongside the new techniques we have taken steps to be more collaborative – a Google Classroom for teachers has been set up for all teachers to share great ideas.

Our aim as educators is to excite and engage our students, whilst also raising the bar on our own professional standards. A top tip is shared each week for us to try out so next time you’re here – ask us what it was, and if it works!


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By: Jane Barker, Head of Business

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