Enterprise, Innovation & Technology at Kent College Dubai

Enterprise, Innovation and Technology (EIT) is taught at Kent College Dubai for students in Year 1 to Year 6. As a top British International school, we recognise that technology is not simply a subject that is taught once a week in a lab far down the corridor. Rather, we recognise that for pupils to thrive in a technologically-pervasive world, technology needs to be woven throughout their daily lives and activities, and that learning how to use technology to make their lives easier, is as important as the technical know-how in order to operate software and hardware. 

We therefore believe in a healthy-balance of book-based learning (writing skills will always be of utmost importance), and skills that utilise technology in a meaningful way. Using IT skills, pupils are taught to use the Design Cycle to create solutions to real world problems. 

Image Source: John Spencer on Design Thinking

The lessons include a variety of project based learning (PBL) work where the pupils have to use problem-solving and critical thinking skills to solve problems and invent practical samples and solutions.

From year 3 onwards, students bring in their own device (Google Chromebook Laptop) – these are usually purchased by parents in the last term of year 2 so that they can become familiar with their devices well in advance. Before year 3, pupils have use of the school’s ipads. 

Our world class EIT lab is retrofitted for an engaging and inspiring experience into the world of enterprise, innovation and technology.

Your child will be able to engage with the following hardware and software: 

  • touch-screen smart-boards
  • more relaxed seating areas with couches to encourage creativity and collaboration
  • Beebots: An introduction to position, direction and algorithms for pupils in FS1 to Year 1
  • Probots: Similar to BeeBots, but with the added function of adding angles into turns to explore internal and external angles and drawing lines and shapes
  • 3-D Printers: Using CAD software, our printers are able to print STL files out into three dimensional objects using plant based plastic spools
  • iPads: Pupils in FS1 to Year 6 are all exposed to differing app-based technologies on iPads
  • iMacs: Pupils are able to utilise the full versions of GarageBand and iMovie to create podcasts, short films and film scores
  • Green Screen: Pupils are encouraged to explore chroma key technology by using green screens to remove and manipulate images in visual media
  • Various robotic hardware, including Parrot Drones, Dash Bots & Lego Mindstorm

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Please explore this EYFS/Junior School section of our website to learn more about what to expect from Kent College Dubai. You can also explore more about our school’s ethos and history in the About Us and School Life sections of this website. I look forward to welcoming you to Kent College Dubai – please do get in touch with our Admissions team to come for a tour of our World Class Facilities.


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