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“Pupils returning to the UK could do so seamlessly and re-enter the UK education system without disruption. The school places great emphasis on providing opportunities for pupils to explore their potential in an impressive range of academic, sporting, musical, social and cultural extra-curricular activities.” – BSO Report

Application Fees

Kent College Dubai is one of the best British Schools in Dubai offering various paths to graduation such as A Levels, IB and BTEC in Business, BTEC in Sports or BTEC in Performing Arts.

Here is a breakdown of our fees.

Other Fees and DepositsDueAmount
Registration FeeUpon registrationAED 500
Acceptance Deposit (to accept an offer of admission)Upon acceptance of a placeUp to 10% of annual fees (deducted from first term’s fees)
Re-registration Deposit (confirming places for the following academic year)Summer TermUp to 5% of annual fees

Annual Tuition Fees – 2022/2023

We offer competitive corporate discounts – please contact our Admissions team: admissions@kentcollege.ae to find out which fees and rates apply to you and your family.
Year GroupKHDA Approved FeesUAE National DiscountEffective % DiscountCorporate Discount FeesEffective % Discount
Year 1AED58,000AED46,400-20%AED48,000-17%
Year 2AED69,000AED55,200-20%AED55,200-20%
Year 3AED69,000AED55,200-20%AED55,200-20%
Year 4AED74,000AED56,200-24%AED56,200-24%
Year 5AED74,000AED56,200-24%AED56,200-24%
Year 6AED80,000AED58,000-28%AED58,000-28%
Year 7AED80,000AED64,000-20%AED68,000-15%
Year 8AED86,000AED66,200-23%AED73,100-15%
Year 9AED86,000AED66,200-23%AED73,100-15%
Year 10AED92,000AED68,080-26%AED73,600-20%
Year 11AED92,000AED68,080-26%AED73,600-20%
Year 12AED98,000AED72,520-26%AED78,400-20%
Year 13AED98,000AED72,520-26%AED78,400-20%

Annual Tuition Fees – 2023/2024

We offer competitive corporate discounts – please contact our Admissions team: admissions@kentcollege.ae to find out which fees and rates apply to you and your family.
Year GroupKHDA Approved Fees 2023/24 (AED)EK & Fly Dubai Fees (AED)EK & Fly Dubai Fees (%)Corporate and UAE Fees (AED)Corporate and UAE Fees (%)
Year 159,74050,000-16%51,000-15%
Year 271,07050,000-30%59,000-17%
Year 371,07050,000-30%59,000-17%
Year 476,22050,000-34%60,000-21%
Year 576,22050,000-34%60,000-21%
Year 682,40050,000-39%62,000-25%
Year 782,40076,000-8%73,000-11%
Year 888,58076,000-14%78,000-12%
Year 988,58076,000-14%78,000-12%
Year 1094,76076,000-20%79,000-17%
Year 1194,76076,000-20%79,000-17%
Year 12100,94076,000-25%84,000-17%
Year 13100,94076,000-25%84,000-17%


Kent College offers various discounts on the KHDA-approved tuition fees for the current academic year. Discounts are not combinable. Please contact admissions at admissions@kentcollege.ae for more information. 

  • Corporate Discounts: Discount applicable on the tuition fees to corporate partners’ employees. This discount will apply up to July of each academic year, and is renewable for a similar term, based on mutual agreement between Kent College Dubai and the Corporate Partners. Separate corporate discount agreements exist for Emirates Airline, and FlyDubai. Where other corporate relationships already exist, the above fees are applicable. For any new corporate enquiries, please contact the school directly for more information (finance@kentcollege.ae)
  • Sibling Discount: First child – no discount. Second child – 5%. Third child – 10%. Fourth child – 15% (All reductions apply to KHDA published fees). These are available in addition to the Emirati approved discounted rates.
  • Humanitarian Discount: Up to 25% off KHDA published fees
  • Welcoming Discount: For new students – Up to 15% off KHDA published fees. For FS1 EK and all other new applications (non EK/FlyDuabi/other corporate) – applicable to first child only; thereafter, sibling discounts apply as above.

What is included in the fees?

Included: Study books and materials, use of school sport, recreational, music, theatre facilities, most stationery
Not included: Laptop/tablet computers for Years 3-13, uniform/PE kit, lunch, bus transport, external examination fees, optional extra-curricular activities or trips, charges for lost textbooks/library books. Parents are expected to provide and pay for external medical assessments, external therapies and/or an individual 1:1 learning support teacher should they be required by the school.


Payment Structure

Tuition fees are payable over three terms, prior to the start of the term. New pupils’ places are secured with a deposit, due upon acceptance, that is deducted from the first term’s fees. Term 1 fees are due by 1st August; Term 2 fees by 1st December; and Term 3 fees by 1st March. Direct billing agreements exist with some employers – please contact Admissions for more details.

Tuition fee refunds will be made in line with the KHDA Fees Framework. Refunds will be done only through the original mode of payment.

Bank Transfer Details

Beneficiary Name:Kent College LLC FZ
Beneficiary Address:Dubai, UAE.
Bank Address:P.O.BOX:33040, Dubai, UAE
Account Number:11183105920014
Iban Code:AE380030011183105920014

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