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“Every day, in every classroom, all students, including those identified as experiencing special educational needs and disabilities, will learn and achieve in a safe, supportive, engaging and appropriately challenging common learning environment. Within such a setting, their personal, social, emotional and academic needs are fully met.

Central to Dubai’s Vision 2020 of becoming an inclusive city, is the development of inclusive education. At Kent College Dubai we strive to realise this within our classrooms and community; as seen by every pupil feeling safe, confident and happy at school and being appropriately challenged to reach their individual potential. We aim for all our pupils to learn the academic, personal and social skills they require to make positive contributions to our inclusive school community and the wider society that they live in.  

Inclusion at Kent College

Kent College Dubai is guided by the UAE Federal Law (30) 2006 and Dubai Law No. 2 (2014), concerning the rights of pupils with special needs and ensuring equal opportunities for all pupils. This is evident through our school ethos, admissions policy, student population, staff knowledge and training, and is reflected in the inclusive community that we take pride in shaping.

Kent College Dubai is a school that adheres to the Executive Council Resolution No (2) 2017 which regulates private schools in the Emirate of Dubai, Article 4 (14), Article 13 (16, 17 & 19) and Article 23 (4).  

It follows the principles set out in the Dubai Inclusive Education Framework (2017), which state that all stakeholders including Governing bodies and leaders at all levels should:

  • view and value student diversity as integral to the human condition
  • recognise the learning potential of all pupils
  • engage with theories of learning and differentiated approaches
  • acknowledge that all students have a right to an education
  • prevent marginalisation and discrimination
  • reduce barriers to participation in learning by adapting, modifying curricular and teaching and learning strategies
  • reject ability labelling in teaching
  • facilitate an inclusive culture and be accountable through the programmes, practices and outcomes of the entire learning community

Dubai Inclusion Policy 2017