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Inclusion at Kent College Dubai

Introduction to Inclusion at Kent College Dubai

“Every day, in every classroom, all students, including those identified as experiencing special educational needs and disabilities, will learn and achieve in a safe, supportive, engaging and appropriately challenging common learning environment. Within such a setting, their personal, social, emotional and academic needs are fully met.” – Dubai Inclusive Education Policy Framework

Kent College Dubai is a Top British International School in Dubai that prides itself on being an inclusive school. As such, we aim to provide every possible opportunity for all children and young people to achieve the best educational outcomes that they are capable of by providing a broad and balanced curriculum and a comprehensive range of extracurricular activities. 

All pupils at Kent College Dubai and particularly our Students of Determination are offered a British National Curriculum education that enables them to become confident young people with a growing ability to communicate their own views and ready to make a successful transition into the next phase of their life.

To ensure this happens we have a talented team of committed professionals who work tirelessly to remove barriers to ensure students with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), English as an Additional Language and those identified as Gifted and Talented can have the same excellent experience of school and learning as their peers.

Our Inclusion Team

Best British School In Dubai Inclusion Team

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Our Inclusion Team consists of:

  • A Head of the Inclusion Support Team (who is also Head of Inclusion – Senior School) who holds a MA in SEN Education and Leadership; Post-graduate Certificates in: NASENCo; Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties; and Psychometric Assessment and Access Arrangements
  • A Head of Inclusion (Junior School) who holds a Degree in Psychology and Post-graduate Certificates in: NASENCo; Dyslexia Leadership & Management
  • 2 Inclusion Support Teachers with a range of experience and qualifications across literacy, SEN and EAL.
  • 5 Inclusion Support Assistants to further complement the team in supporting pupils in class and in small groups.
  • A School Counsellor who holds BA (Hons) in Education Studies with Psychology and Counselling and has a wealth of experience supporting the whole community (pupils, families, staff).

Inclusion Policy

Click here to view the school’s Inclusion Policy.

Kent College Dubai, one of the best British Schools in Dubai, is guided by the UAE Federal Law (29) 2006 and Dubai Law No. 2 (2014), concerning the rights of pupils with special needs and ensuring equal opportunities for all pupils. This is evident through our school ethos, admissions policy, student population, staff knowledge and training, and is reflected in the inclusive community that we take pride in shaping.

Kent College Dubai is a school that adheres to the Executive Council Resolution No (2) 2017 which regulates private schools in the Emirate of Dubai, Article 4 (14), Article 13 (16, 17 & 19) and Article 23 (4) and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD 2008; 2010) which protects the rights of people of determination globally.

Kent College Dubai follows the principles set out in the Dubai Inclusive Education Framework (2017) and adheres to the Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education (2020) documentation, which is also summarized in the guidance document for parents “Advocating for Inclusive Education” . Based upon these guiding principles and our own genuine desire to provide the best possible education to all our pupils our vision for students of determination at Kent College Dubai is that we: 

  • know all students have equal value
  • are committed to ensuring that every student is engaged in curricular activities and can participate in extracurricular opportunities
  • understand that effective teaching practices are based on personalised consideration of the strengths and needs of each student
  • will create a balance between learning with peers in a common learning environment and focus on individual learning goals.


Document Library:

Kent College Dubai Inclusion Policy 2020

KHDA Inclusion Framework 2017 (English)

KHDA Inclusion Framework 2017 (Arabic)

KHDA Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education 2020 (English)

KHDA Directives and Guidelines for Inclusive Education 2020 (Arabic)

KHDA Advocating for Inclusive Education (A guide for parents) (English)

KHDA Advocating for Inclusive Education (A guide for parents) (Arabic)

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