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Mini and Junior Dukes International Award at Kent College Dubai

The Mini and Junior Duke Award: “In a busy world it’s too easy to do things for children, but when should they begin to take responsibility for themselves? Mini Duke and Junior Duke Awards are an award scheme for primary-aged children to encourage and develop valuable life skills.” – Juniorduke.com

Kent College Dubai aims to be the best British School in Dubai, and as such we are an authorised provider of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, and the Mini Dukes and Junior Dukes Awards. Parents pay a nominal fee that covers the cost of importing the work books and certificates, and the rest is run by our teaching staff in-house. 

What are Mini and Junior Dukes all about? 

Every parent wants their child to succeed in school, but equally important are life skills that teach them about wellbeing, happiness, confidence, resilience, independence, responsibility and self-reliance. At Kent College Dubai, we believe in ‘whole-child’ development – it matters to us not only how well they fare at school, but also who they turn out to be when they grow up and graduate from our school, and given how many hours children spend at school, it matters what they do and what inspiring experiences they’re exposed to whilst they are in our care. And so we want help young people to learn these valuable skills.

The Mini and Junior Duke award, inspired by The Duke of Edinburgh International Award, has been developed to give children aged 6 to 12 an opportunity to participate in a variety of character- and ability-building activities and challenges. It exposes them to new experiences, teaches them independence, which in turn gives them the confidence to believe in themselves and to try new things. 

Become #worldready

By enrolling in the award, children will learn that you may not always succeed the first time and that is okay. This helps them to develop the resilience they will need throughout their lives.”

How it works 

Kent College Dubai offers both the Duke of Edinburgh International Award – for Senior School Students, and Mini Dukes and Junior Dukes Awards for Junior School Students. For the Junior School version, students are given an age-appropriate booklet which sets out the challenges that they need to achieve in order to win the Mini or Junior Duke Award.

There is a different booklet for each year group as follows: 

Year 1: Silver Mini Duke Award

Year 2: Gold Mini Duke Award

Year 3: Bronze Junior Duke Award

Year 4: Silver Junior Duke Award

Year 5: Gold Junior Duke Award

Year 6: Platinum Junior Duke Award

Kent College Dubai students are given the opportunity to sign up for the award at the beginning of each academic year around September of each year, and will receive their booklets in Term 2 at the beginning of January of each year. The responsibility is on the students to complete their challenges at home over a 6 month period. This period will end a few weeks before the end of the academic year. Those pupils that complete 10 or more of the 14 challenges, and document these as a Portfolio of Evidence in their provided booklets will go on to achieve their age-appropriate Award at the end of the academic year. 

What to expect:

“Children in the Mini and Junior Duke Awards have completed a range of personal challenges including First Aid, learning to swim, cookery, domestic challenges, caring for others, puncture repair, washing the car, climbing a hill whilst carrying your own rucksack, polishing your shoes, making a sandwich, reading The Broons, making a presentation, playing Monopoly or chess and many other fun things!” (Sourced from juniorduke.com)

Look out for communications in our Newsletter at the beginning of each Academic Year on how you can join in the fun and become #worldready! 

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