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The Kent College Dubai School was established with the objective of providing the same high-quality education to families in Dubai as that offered by the founding school of KC UK, while reflecting the local context and expectations of the UAE. Both schools promote tolerance and respect for others and aim to provide each pupil with an individual educational pathway that will fully prepare them for adult life.

The aims of Kent College Dubai

  • Maintain high educational standards in all academic, cultural and sporting activities, stimulating excitement in learning and      requiring discipline in study whatever the ability of the child.
  • Uphold human values in practice as well as in theory, in a spirit of openness and tolerance.Encourage pupils in a critical examination of the standards and values current in society.
  • Allow pupils to have an excellent understanding of how Islamic values influence contemporary society.
  • Encourage pupils to respect and appreciate the heritage and culture of the UAE that underpin and influence contemporary life in Dubai.
  • Develop in pupils an excellent awareness and appreciation of their own culture and other cultures from around the world.

The values of Kent College Dubai

  • An understanding of human values and a nurturing of moral responsibilities and behaviour regardless of age or background.
  • Close co-operation between parents, pupils and staff. Right arrowEnthusiasm, endeavour and self discipline in all that we do.
  • Academic rigour at all levels of ability, curiosity, critical awareness and responsibility.
  • Fairness, trust and confidence in our dealings with one another.
  • Initiative, creativity and tenacity in the search for personal growth.
  • Qualities of loyalty, leadership and support.
  • Tolerance and respect for others no matter what the differences are.