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All About Kent College Dubai’s Junior/Primary School

We aim to be one of the best British Curriculum Primary Schools in Dubai. As such, we deliver the National Curriculum for England (NCfE).

Key Stage One (Age 5 – 7)

Our Key Stage One department is located in the Junior School building, allowing children to move seamlessly from one stage to the next. The learning areas for Key Stage One are stimulating, beautiful and fun, encouraging children to play together. Whilst still supporting and enabling the critical social and learning behaviours from the Foundation Stage, children in Key Stage 1 begin to develop more sophisticated skills as they increase their confidence in academic skills. 

Learning in Years One and Two maintains a play-based, inquiry-driven model, but with slightly more structure. Planned independent and pupil-led approaches ensure that our children’s individual contributions are valued and that they grow in confidence as they begin to realise their value and contribution to the wider school community. Children acquire knowledge and skills through questioning, exploring and discovery. Our talented teachers use a variety of creative approaches and resources catered to the interests, needs and learning styles of each child.

Key Stage Two (Age 7 – 11) 

Your Key Stage Two child will embark with confidence on more challenging and goal-oriented learning opportunities, both independently and within collaborative teams. In Years Three to Six, they are encouraged to take more ownership and direction of their learning. Our amazing teachers plan delivery of the curriculum in a manner which is exciting and engaging; maintaining a very practical “hands-on” approach as much as possible. Your child will grow and flourish through Key Stage Two into a confident, curious, independent learner. 

In Key Stage Two, pupils are given various opportunities to participate in musical, sporting, artistic and academic activities internally and in competition with other schools in Dubai. The Pupil Council and other leadership roles offer our older students leadership opportunities; sharing their ‘voice’ and contributing to the school and wider community through a number of valuable projects. 

More specialised learning centres are availed to children in Key Stage 2, including a Science Laboratory, Food Technology Room, Art and Design Technology Rooms, Computing, a PSHE Room and a dedicated Primary School Library.

Finally, Key Stage 2 also sees the pupils involved in residential trips; a wonderful and exciting adventure for our maturing learners. 

More information about our Junior School can be found in the Junior School Information Booklet and in our Junior School Parent and Pupil Handbook.

The Junior School Day

From Monday to Thursday, the school day for pupils in Years 1 to Year 6 starts at 08h00 and finishes at 14h50. (Timings change during Ramadan, and might be affected from time to time based on Covid-19 Guidelines). On Friday the whole school finishes at 12h00. 

Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) run most days of the week and finish at 15h30, when children can be collected from school.

Monday – Thursday schedule:
Start time08h00
Lunchtime12h00 – 12h50
End of the day14h50
ECA times14h50 – 15h30


After School Care

Outside of Covid-19, we offer after school care as follows: 

If children from Year 1 onwards have siblings in the senior section of school, they are welcome to stay until 15h30, to travel home with older siblings. There will be a supervised sessions in the Auditorium to enable this to happen safely.

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