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The aim of the school’s pastoral system is to create a caring family community committed to the development and wellbeing of every individual child as well as the broader school community. This community is one in which all of our pupils feel secure and supported so that they grow and reach their full potential.

Tutor system
At KC Dubai we believe that all pupils can be successful in an environment that is caring, forward thinking and encouraging. Class teachers in the Junior school and Form tutors in the Senior school are important in laying these foundations and giving pupils the opportunity to be creative, intellectual and responsible members of the school and wider community.

Class teachers in the Junior School and form tutors in the Senior School play a very important role, with the key aim of establishing close relationships with the pupils in their care and getting to know them as individuals, in order to promote their educational progress. Across the whole school, Heads of Year work closely with class teachers or form tutors to take an active lead in building the link between home and school, consulting with parents as the need arises.

In both Junior and Senior School all pupils have 20 minutes of form time three times a week in which a number of key areas for the children, such as attitudes, behaviour, relationships, adoption of safe and healthy lifestyles, attendance and punctuality, internet safety, organisation, study skills and target setting are covered.

House System
The pastoral system is reinforced by a vibrant House system that reflects the school’s culture and values. KC Dubai operates a traditional British school house system with the same house names and colours as the ones at Kent College Canterbury. There are four houses, named Augustine (purple), Becket (green), Chaucer (red), and Marlowe (blue). These are all historical figures with associations with the city of Canterbury, though not with the school itself.

The house system is a well-established tradition that aims to develop competition, promote good work and good behaviour, encourage teamwork and create leadership opportunities for pupils. The house system should bring everyone together within the school and create a feeling of pride for their house amongst the pupils.

In the course of the year a range of inter-house competitions take place, including sporting, creative, academic and performing activities, and pupils are encouraged to participate in and support as many of these as possible. House points are awarded for all inter-house competitions, and for good behaviour and outstanding academic or Extracurricular achievement. These points are totalled at the end of each term with a termly winner being announced. At the end of the year with an overall house winner is announced at prize giving.