Carmella Jodrell – Head of Junior School

“If the last 2 years are anything to go by, we’re in for another great year ahead at KCD. For those of you wondering what kind of a school we are, I would say with absolute confidence that we are the kind of school that puts children first. We have quality teachers who put a great deal of creativity, energy and thought into their teaching to ensure that your children make outstanding progress at school. Our children are very happy, confident and articulate; they are our best ambassadors – please come see for yourselves!”

Carmella has spent most of her career working in international education. Her first five years of teaching were in London, where she also carried out her BEd training, and she is now completing a Doctorate in Education at Bath University in the UK.

She has two children who have both moved with her to Dubai, and she enjoys sports, gardening, reading and sewing, as well as the arts and music.

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