Timothy Hollis – Head of Senior School

“Arriving at Kent College Dubai at the beginning of this academic year, I was instantly impressed with the warm welcome and caring nature of the school.
We have an outstanding community; parents, pupils and colleagues who are passionate about, and committed to, aiming for the highest academic and pastoral standards.
It is an honour and pleasure to be leading the Senior School in this next phase of our development, as we set about installing such high standards as the norm, creating a learning culture that promotes curiosity, collaboration and kindness in a rich and vibrant environment.
Great relationships and morals are the underpinning elements of a great school, and with our values; integrity, tolerance and respect at the heart of everything we do, I look forward to seeing our pupils embrace the challenges on offer with enthusiasm and passion.
As a former international athlete, who has been involved in education for over 20 years, I very much believe that excellence is a state of mind, that when instilled, encourages everyone to settle for nothing less than their very best.”

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