Subject Offered

These are the subjects offered across the KS3, GCSE and A level curricula. For detailed information about all the subjects on offer at Kent College Dubai please refer to the GCSE Curriculum Booklet and Sixth Form Curriculum Booklet.


Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

Arabic is a core subject for Years 7-11. Learning Arabic is not just about language but also about embracing a rich and fascinating culture

Art & Design

Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

Art is for everyone to enjoy. The art department is a vibrant, inclusive and exciting place where pupils can explore their creative potential.


Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

Pupils investigate and explore the living world through a mixture of practical work and study both outside and in our well-equipped labs

Business Studies

IGCSE/A level

Our Business Studies courses aim to create pupils who are able to think strategically and make decisions from the evidence presented to them.


Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

Chemistry encourages a curiosity about the natural world by allowing pupils to study materials, energy and the environment.

Design Technology

Key Stage 3/GCSE

Pupils gain experience in identifying and solving problems through the manipulation of a wide range of materials and technologies.

Drama & Theatre Studies

Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

Drama provides an opportunity for all pupils to enhance confidence, creativity, collaboration and communication skills.


Key Stage 3/IGCSE/A level

Drama provides something valuable for everyone and allows pupils to enhance confidence, creativity and communication skills.


Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

A knowledge of French opens doors around the world. Pupils are well-equipped to communicate with confidence and accuracy.


Key Stage 3/IGCSE/A level

Geography gives pupils the chance to understand the social, economic and physical forces and processes that shape and change our world.


Key Stage 3/IGCSE/A level

Studying the history of different cultures encourages pupils to develop the ability to analyse, critique, research, evaluate, and question the world around them.

Islamic Studies

Key Stage 3/GCSE/Year 12

Our goals are to be able to understand the language of the Quran, and to have a good understanding of Islamic history and what constitutes Islamic character.


Key Stage 3/IGCSE/A level

Pupils learn maths in a supportive environment, and all pupils are encouraged to develop good problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

The music department offers an inclusive approach to music, enabling all pupils to participate and experience the joy of making music in their own way.

Physical Education

Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

We aim to spark an enthusiasm for PE that will last a lifetime and lay the foundations for a healthy and active life.


Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

The laws of physics explain most of the phenomena that we experience every day, and the existence of our universe, matter and energy.


A level

The quest to explain human behaviour through the study of the mind develops analytical thinking, good communication and problem solving.


Key Stage 3/GCSE/A level

Spanish is the world’s fourth most commonly spoken language and we offer pupils many opportunities to experience Spanish culture and language.