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It is an absolute privilege to be the headteacher of any school, but to be the very first Head of a brand new school is a real honour. Reflecting on our first two years, we can feel immensely proud of how far we have come in developing a happy, strong and supportive community.

Whether your child is interested in sport, music, art, science, maths, languages, computers, chess or sewing – whatever it is they like to do, we find ways for them to develop and celebrate these skills. Kent College Dubai is a school that values children’s ideas and helps them to grow, not only their intelligence and skills, but also grow as members of the community, so that they can prepare a great future for themselves with skills that will support lifelong success.

The KC Dubai school reflects the values and ethos of Kent College Canterbury, with strong links between the pupils and staff on both campuses. It is a school that we are all extremely proud of and will want to be connected to for the rest of our lives.


EYFS and the Junior School are organised in the following way:

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Foundation Stage 1 and Foundation Stage 2 – ages 3-5 years
Key Stage 1 Year 1 and Year 2 – ages 5-7 years
Key Stage 2 Years 3 to 6 – ages 7-11 years


You can follow the latest news from all of our EYFS and Junior school year groups by clicking on the links below:

FS1   https://kcdfs1.blogspot.ae
FS2   https://kcdfs2.blogspot.ae/
Year 1   http://kcdyear1blog.blogspot.ae/
Year 2    http://kcdyear2blog.blogspot.ae/
Year 3   http://kcdyear3blog.blogspot.ae/
Year 4   http://kcdyear4.blogspot.ae/
Year 5   http://kcdyear5.blogspot.ae/
Year 6   http://kcdyear6blog.blogspot.ae/